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The Joy of Sprinklers

My nephew has recently discovered the joys of sprinklers. It’s nice to cool off by running through a sprinkler while watering the grass at the same time. His favorite game to play is “tennis.” This isn’t the racket and court kind of tennis but it involves a tennis ball all the same. What he does is he’ll yell “tennis!” and faviconthen throw the ball through the sprinkler. Next he will run through the sprinkler to retrieve the lost ball. I’m just waiting for the day he’ll nail my niece in the head with the ball. We’ve already had a couple of close calls.

My parents have an automatic sprinkler system but I still remember using the kind you have to move by hand at our old house. I always wondered how difficult it would be to implement a sprinkler system. I figured it would take the destruction of one’s yard to install one. I’ve got a picture in my head that looks similar to trench warfare confined to one yard. Well I did some research and apparently it isn’t as difficult as I once thought.

To install a sprinkler system you must first measure the water pressure at an outside faucet. To do this, you must determine water flow by using a water pressure gauge and time how long it takes to fill up a five gallon bucket. After this you have to make an artist rendition of your property to in the correct scale including plants and features. Then send this drawing along with the water flow information to your irrigation company.

Once you get to that point you can either install it yourself or have the irrigation company do it for you. They will make a plan according to your needs and supply you with the parts and tools as needed. Apparently it’s not necessary to recreate WWI in your yard. There is a motorized pipe puller which pulls a polyethylene pipe through the ground with minimal disturbance. That sounds pretty cool to me but you got to know where the pipes are first.

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