Water Jet Metal Cutting: For Heavy Duty Industries

The major metallic element utilizing industries in our modern day market produce large scale items such as the automotive, aerospace, aviation, marine and manufacturing equipment industries. Numerous manufacturing processes enable them to produce these large metallic products, such as space shuttles, ships, commercial airplanes, semi-trucks, farming equipment like tractors and large drills presses, etc. however, there are many factors that play into which process each industry, or even individual company may choose. As far as expenses and environmental friendliness there is one process that rises above the rest; water jet metal cutting. In essence the same as any water jet cutting process, particularly the high pressure water cutting necessary for such strong materials, water jet metal cutting is excellent for heavy duty industry use.

Unlike other forming, shaping and cutting processes, such as laser, plasma or knife cutting, water jet cutting maneuvers raw material into a specific object by way of intense water erosion. A water jet metal cutting machine basically directs high pressure streams of water, sometimes mixed with abrasive material such as garnet or diamond at the material in a directed fashion, based on the design being dictated by the CNC machining program.

The positive characteristics of the water jet cutting process are numerous. Because it is almost always run by a CNC machining program, which is why it is able to be such a precise process, a water jet cutter requires very little employee involvement outside of programming and maintenance. This is one way an industry saves by utilizing water jet metal cutting equipment. Another two-fold strength is the way waterjet cutters shape an object. Because the process is essentially very fast erosion, the finished product has smooth surfaces and soft rounded edges, often requiring no additional processes to complete the material preparation. This is money saving characteristic as well as environmentally friendly, since fewer machines utilized means less energy wasted. Also, water jet machine cutting systems are able to reuse the water, which is also a helpful recycling trait.