The Cutting Head of Waterjet Cutting

The head is considered the most important body part of human anatomy because it is what is inside the head, the brain, which gives us consciousness. This is how we are able to direct our bodies in one direction or another. In this same way the cutting head is the part of a waterjet cutting machine that favicondirects the flow of water correctly at the object it is cutting. It is the key component to this system because without it precision would not be possible and water jet cutters are popular because they are so precise.

A multitude of cutting head designs are available, although they all follow a basic pattern. One of the major factors that changes how a cutting head works is whether it is functioning within a pure water jet cutting system or an abrasive waterjet cutting system. That is because pure waterjet cutters function at much higher speeds to cut as cleanly and precisely as an abrasive waterjet cutter does on lower levels of speed and power. Therefore, the cutting head attached to a pure water system is caters to high speed applications for softer materials while the cutting head attached to an abrasive water system caters to lower speeds directed at harder materials.

Regardless of which type of water system the cutting head directs, there are a few details that always remain the same. Consisting of a pneumatically operated valve and nozzle tube, the cutting head is moveable, even when attached to a waterjet system. Another vital factor is the precious stone orifice, often a sapphire or diamond, which serves as the outlet for the pure water or abrasive water flow. The movement of the head is always CNC controlled, which is how the precise details are able to translate from the product design to the material being turned into an actual product.