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The Heat of The Summer

The heat of the summer has fully arrived. The constant heat wave that keeps the weather in the high eighties or nineties everyday is making not only people suffer, but their yards as well. It can be seen and felt everyday as homeowners walk out onto their dead, yellow and painful to step on grass. A couple days without the sprinkler will quickly result a beautiful faviconlawn to this state. To combat it, homes all over are turning on their sprinklers to keep the grass happy and healthy. This constant watering of not only the lawn, but gardens of produce and flowers as well makes hoses and watering systems very important in the summer months. Water hose reels can be used for many other commercial uses such as washing cars and putting up the sprinklers for kids, as well as countless industrial purposes such as firefighting or heavy industrial cleaning.

In this kind of heat, water is vital to survival. In order to get the most effective use out of the hose, and to keep them safe and protected, a water hose reel is essential. These products are allowed to keep the products kink free, neat and out of the way when not in use. Depending on the size and use for the hose, hose reels are available in a various materials including metal, fiberglass or plastics. They can have a side mounted handle, like most homes have for hoses, which allow the reel to be wound by hand. However, in many industrial settings, these products may be equipped with electric, spring or pneumatic powered reeling mechanisms, allowing them to wind and unwind on their own. This later function would be even more appreciated for consumers on the hot days we have been seeing lately as we drag our hoses out every morning for slight relief.