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New Reels for Your Garden

Spring is in the air! It may not be fully here yet but because of the freak warm weather spell that has suddenly made an appearance, it certainly feels like it! Whether it lasts or not, the weather is making everyone get ready for spring in the small ways they can. Whether this is by pulling out the flip flops and summer wardrobe, starting to clean and put away all the winter blankets or coats or beginning to tidy up the yard to start over your garden, homeowners are excited for the change! For mothers like mine, the garden is a veryfavicon important aspect of the home and close attention must be paid. While it is not yet time for buying the plants, the other items can start to be purchased, such as the new automatic hose reel that is (or at least should be) every gardener’s dream.

Not only can unreeling and re-reeling hoses be a hassle for the gardeners themselves but they can be a real burden on their children and neighbors as well. Why? Because the moment they decide to leave it instantly becomes your job to take care of their garden while they are away. Traditional hose reels can be flimsy and difficult, tipping over on your foot or becoming impossible to reel. However, with an automatic hose reel, you can live worry free. Able to wind the hose up, you don’t have to deal with the hassle after you are finished watering the plants! The job is done in half the time and half the effort! While they may cost a little more, just think of the advantages! No loose hoses to trip over or run over with the lawnmower! This year, gardeners everywhere should really celebrate spring and help the rest of us celebrate as well by investing in automatic hose reels!