Washington Company Announced as Manufacturer of the Year

The state of Washington has always been known for their successful manufacturing practices and drive for creating new innovations across a vast number of fields. The bio-medical industry is a great example of sector that is experiencing economic growth throughout the nation but especially in Washington. BioLife Solutions was recently announced as the Washington State Manufacturer of the Year for their developments in the impact on creating tools for biopreservation, regenerative medicine and more.

It has also been reported that the aircraft industry is continuing to show strong economic signs as Boeing not only reached their manufacturing record from 2014 but was able to easily surpass the record by the start of 2016. There are also talks between Boeing and internet retailer Amazon to expand their business opportunities. Amazon aims to acquire 20 leases for Boeing’s 767 jets for Amazon’s deliver services.

A Redmond-based company has also won a NASA contract to assist the space program with building an advanced electric propulsion system for deep-space missions as well as missions for exploring Mars. These announcements continue to support Washington’s influence in aerospace technology and this state is very much recognized for their achievements in this field.

There are many more examples of Washington’s success and according to ADP Workforce Vitality report Washington is ranked as No. 1 for wage as well as job growth. The report indicted that Washington as a 117.9 indexed which is far above the national average of 106.8.

Washington’s employment has increased by 3.7 since the end of 2015 and it is projected to continue to climb. A majority of this employment was seen through hiring in fields such as construction, hospitality, leisure services, professional services, and information technology. Overall Washington is ideal for investment and financial opportunities.