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The professionals at V-Tech Electronic Components have been providing custom transformers and inductor solutions for twenty years. Our headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado. V-Tech specializes in business-to-business sales; the company was founded to help Original Equipment Manufacturers and startup companies identify their manufacturing needs and provide solutions based on those requirements.

We sell custom transformers, inductors, power supplies, battery assemblies, printed circuit boards, and cable harnesses. Our experience has allowed us to increase capability in critical market segments helping deliver turnkey solutions. We provide products to the medical, industrial controls, oil and gas, audio systems, locomotive, smart grids, power supplies, water treatment, solar, military and defense, and food equipment markets.We represent world-class manufacturers dedicated to customer satisfaction from inquiry through the production process. All sources are reputable and in good financial standing. Also, they have at least 30 years’ experience in the custom transformer and inductor industry. V-Tech sources have manufacturing locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. Furthermore, all our suppliers use skilled electrical engineers to aide you with your design. Please let us assist you with design, development, and production of custom and standard transformers and inductors.