The What and Why of Vibration Mounts

Vibration mounts are used to isolate the vibrations of different equipment and mechanical parts from one another. The purpose of the mount is to reduce the transmission of vibrations between two separate elements while still providing stability and mechanical support. The vibration mounts are designed to reduce the amount of vibration effects on people, structures, and equipment. The vibration isolators lower the frequency of a machine below the frequency that causes the unit to vibrate. Basically, vibration absorbers and isolation mounts keep the two frequencies of the two components out of sync to prevent vibrations from occurring.

Good rubber isolation mounts can absorb over 50 percent of vibration energy output by any mechanical machine, engine, or device. The mounts are designed to protect objects and other sensitive components from damaging noise that could interfere with the normal processes of the machine. Rubber mounts also protect human workers from the affects of extreme vibration, which can cause spinal problems, nerve damage, and potentially brain damage. Isolation mounts also extend the life of the machine where they are used because they prevent the machine from literally shaking itself apart. This is ideal for structures that have a lot of components and screws holding the machine or object together.

All of these benefits make it easy to see why vibration absorbers are so important for any machine, from basic industrial equipment to automotive machinery, to delicate machines that require a high level of precision to perform correctly. If a rubber isolation mount malfunctions, it can quickly lead to the deterioration of the entire machine, necessitating expensive repairs and replacements that not only waste money, but also time, due to repairs and installation.