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Vacuum Ingenuity

In our modern, busy world, the vacuum cleaner is one of our most prized possessions. Even if we live in a home with hardwood floors, many of us will have at least some kind of vacuum to help clean up little dust bunnies. But with carpeted homes, a vacuum cleaner is an essential tool forfavicon keeping our homes clean and sometimes even allergen-free. Vacuum manufacturers understand the importance of a clean home or work space, so they are constantly revolutionizing these invaluable home tools in order to better serve us.

All vacuum manufacturers understand that a vacuum works in a certain way: to create the suction necessary to pull dirt from the floor, a vacuum must have, at the very least, an air intake port, an exhaust port, a motor, and somewhere for all of that dirt to go. How manufacturers use these basic elements of a vacuum to create new products will, of course, vary, and we have seen this as vacuum cleaners have evolved since their inception. For example, where some vacuums will still employ a bag for storing the dust the machine sucks up, others have a canister that you detach and empty as it fills. I know many people who prefer the canister not only because it is often times less hassle to get the canister off the machine than a bag, it also saves you having to go to the store to buy bags. And if you are anything like me, you run off to the store without checking what kind of bag you need, so you guess, and you have usually guessed incorrectly.

Vacuum manufacturers continuously revolutionize their vacuum cleaners for many reasons. The most compelling reason, perhaps, is to keep their product viable. As materials out of which vacuums can be made become lighter and less expensive, consumers look for those products made from these materials but they also want vacuums that are effective and wallet-friendly. Each time a new innovation in vacuum technology is brought to the market, I am always amazed at the ways in which vacuum manufacturers strive to make our lives just a little easier.