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Pros and Cons of a Hovering Vacuum Cleaner

I always enjoy watching older movies that depict the 2000s as a “futurist” time riddled with spaceships, aliens, and robot cleaners. Perhaps all those concepts are not so far fetched. I’ve heard of robot vacuum cleaners that can vacuum a carpet on their own, but I didn’t know there was vacuum that hovers above the ground made in 2004. The Airider hovers 1/8th of an inch over faviconthe floor, making it really easy to push. It sounds pretty entertaining to vacuum floors with this futuristic vacuum. Carpet and floor care has come a long way from hanging up carpets on a line and beating the dust out of it.

Surprisingly this product hasn’t really taken off. The first I’ve heard of it was about a week ago and it’s been out for eight years already. Reviewers seem to be mixed about the Airider. They question if it can replace a regular vacuum and it seems like they were right. However, I see the benefit of having more freedom of movement hovering above the floor can give versus a regular vacuum. When I closed the dining room in one of my older jobs I found it difficult to navigate around a room that is cluttered with tables and chairs. However, there were a few problems with the Airider.

Apparently the vacuum snags when making the jump from bare floor to carpet. People have also complained that the power chord is too short. I’ve had that problem with a vacuum before. When vacuuming at my old job, there were only a few working outlets. It got very frustrating to not be able to reach the far corners without finding a closer outlet just to clean a small square of carpet. As frustrating as it can get, the problem is easily fixed with an extension chord, so I don’t know if having a short power cord should really be a huge problem. Either way it seems the Airiders’ hovering abilities seems more of a gimmick than an innovation. Maybe this will lead to more brainstorming and the next new thing in modern vacuums, but as of now, it hasn’t taken off. Maybe the next step will be flying cars, or well, ones that are affordable to the majority of consumers.