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Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners AND Conveyors

Many businesses reap the benefits of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners that increase efficiency in their housekeeping routines. And, since many companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors have much dust, and even dangerous, toxic and spark-igniting dust, explosion proof vacuum cleaners arefavicon employed that meet the OSHA Combustible Dust Standard.

All of us are familiar with the concept of vacuum technology, if only from our household vacuum cleaners. But, did you know that not only is this technology used to just clean up and dispose of dirt, dust and debris, it is utilized in pneumatic conveyor systems and support equipment for conveying, weighing, batching and blending of dry bulk materials, such as in powders, plastics, petrochemicals, minerals and food processing.

Vacuum technology is wonderfully versatile and powerful. Heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners can reduce housekeeping costs, clean up spills quickly and safely, reclaim expensive powders, create a better respiratory environment, and control combustible dust from so many operations. Plants and facilities with vacuum conveying systems in place to process any number of dry bulk materials, utilize vacuum technology in their primary functions and in the control of dust that escapes from these operations.

Thankfully and conveniently, there are companies that offer both kinds of systems—pneumatic vacuum conveying and heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner systems. And, custom one-of-a-kind solutions aren’t usually necessary, as many applications can use a pre-engineered product that offers option capabilities for a great fit!

These companies, such as VAC-U-MAX, not only offer products that combat fugitive dust and comply with the OSHA Combustible Dust Standard, but also provide answers to clients with problems on the line, or who want to increase production, or reduce labor intensive processes. More than likely experts like the ones at VAC-U-MAX have dealt with a similar situation and can offer a field-proven solution that fits their specific needs.