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Urethane Casting: The Best of the Three

There are three major materials utilized for the mass production of many products these days, excluding the clothing market that has its own major materials to contend with. The big three are metal, plastic and rubber. Each category has its own plethora of individual stars, such as the ever popular aluminum and stainless steel in the metal category while PVC is a plastic that steals the spotlight again and again. There is one style of rubber though that is able to take on any special combination from rubber plastic or metallic families; polyurethane. This material is the best of the best, not only because polyurethane casting can create just about any object but because the physical characteristics are excellent.

Retaining some strong characteristics that are uniquely its own, urethane also shares a variety of characteristics with metal and plastic compounds, but does them better. For example, the general service life of a urethane product is longer then any other plastic product and a urethane product will always retain more flexibility and elastic memory then metal while any other rubber cannot compare to the high impact resistance of polyurethane. For reasons such as these urethane is considered the best material by some manufacturers, while the process it utilizes for shape only adds to the excellence.

Urethane casting is part of what makes it such a great material. When it is heated down to a molten state and mixed to its proper chemical structure, the casting process begins by one of two avenues. An open casting and closed casting both have to do with how and win additional additives are mixed into the original urethane substance, which dictates the texture of the final product. The molded urethane that creates memory foam would utilize a very different mixture then the molded urethane that produces urethane wheels, which must be strong and close to unbreakable. Either way, a mold is at the end of the process, where the urethane cools and usually needs no other fabrication to make it more pleasing to the customer, which is another reason it is the best of the best.