Up to Date with Search Engine Marketing

Unless you force yourself not to use the internet for a day odds are at some point you will be online for work, pleasure, curiosity or some sort of need. Search engines are the avenue to find our desired interests. Both organic searches and paid advertisements catch our attention. Therefore, in order to be noticed a company must have a powerful internet presence and solid marketing plan. The internet has made the world a much smaller place and as a result has increased industrial competition over the web. We are entering the fourth quarter of 2012 with 2013 right around the corner. It is time for industrial businesses to analyze their 2012 marking plan and adjust for the upcoming year.

As stated, one of the most powerful tools a company can utilize is the internet. In recent years, inbound marketing has increasing become more popular with companies expanding and/or spending more money on internet marketing. Inbound marketing is the ability to be found easily and intern draws potential customers to their website that results in their conversion rates that help their rank on the search engines. Inbound marketing is only as good as the conversion rate generated from the potential customers visits. Therefore, having a solid marketing plan and understanding how to capitalize on search engines is most advantageous. Because of the fierce competition of internet marketing there are many dos and don’ts that are created by search engine algorithms. If you are unaware of these, it is very important to have an understanding before trying to boost your ranks and presence.

First, if it sounds too good to be true, odds are it most likely is. Links are very important, but how you us those links is even more important. Reciprocal links also known as link exchanges are extremely bad for optimizing your search results. The same is the case for companies that offer link farms, web rings or requesting a link for something in return, paid links. Comment spamming is another way to get noticed by the search engines in a negative way, these are similar to link building services that will also hurt your company or potentially get you banned from searches completely.

Most importantly, to be successful in search engine marketing, be knowledgeable of new updates from the search engines and stay up to date on all of your content (website, social media, blogs). When using blogs and social media it is imperative to write content that converts. An easy way to do this is writing like you talk in blogs and on social media. Engage people in your writing and do not always sell; customers have to like and trust you before they buy from your company. Other ways to attract positive attention are through video marketing, press releases and directory submissions. Being visible to your clientele is crucial in developing a larger customer base. Overall, being knowledgeable about search engine updates and avoiding offers than are too good to be true will benefit your company the most.