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Ultrasonic Products for Ultrasonic Sounds

Gas leaks can be noisy, worse than that they can be damaging. These hazards are presented not only to equipment but to human health and environmental health as well. That is precisely why it is so important to monitor them closely and take quick action the moment one takes place. For large gas leaks, a popular option is to employ ultrasonic leak favicondetectors. With noisy leaks, these products are able to convert the leak sound, which is typically of a high frequency, to a lower frequency. At this point the leak can be located with the help of headphones.

A relatively new addition to the leak detectors industry, ultrasonic models are used to detect any type of gas. Some popular gases they are used for include CFC, HFC, nitrogen, CO2, steam and air. An ultrasonic air leak detector can be used to locate and determine the leak within an air pipe. This would be difficult with other models because the regular air cannot be seen or sensed through smell. While air might not be damaging to environmental or employee health, it can decrease the efficiency of the machine being used. This could lead to its functioning steadily worsening and it has a chance of affecting other machines in the workplace, causing additional damage. So, even with a simple air leak, a quick fix could be very important.

The specific process that these products employ to locate the leak is a process called heterodyning. The detector will locate the sound wave that cannot be heard through the human ear, because it is out of our range. It will then transfer it into a pulse to tell where the leak is. This process is similar to the technology that is used in radio transmissions or even ultrasonic sonograms. And, being that it is still relatively new to the field, we can expect great things in the future.

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