Barrels of Fun

Tumbling Barrels

A good finish on your manufactured products is very important. Think about it, if you choose not to remove the ragged edges, or burrs from your products using the deburring process, those little raggedy edges can faviconcatch in other parts of your machinery. If that happens it could be catastrophic! To avoid accidents, there are many different methods for deburring products. Just one of the methods, is tumbling. Let’s focus on tumbling barrels to be specific. What is a tumbling barrel? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a tumbling barrel is a drum in which objects are loosely placed and subjected to a tumbling action for mixing or polishing.

You need a few components when you’re going to use a tumbling barrel. You need a lubricant, your parts, and of course your tumbling barrel. The barrel used is generally hexagonal or octagonal in shape and placed horizontally. With the exterior usually made of steel; they are tough and able to stand up to a lot of force. However to increase barrel life and because they take such a beating, they are usually lined with some sort of cushioning. The different kinds of lining could be wood, rubber, neoprene, urethane, pvc or vinyl. These help, like I said to prolong the life of the barrel but also help to dampen the noise a bit. You have to imagine tossing a bunch of metal products around in a giant steel barrel is going to make a racket without any kind of padding.

Tumbling parts in a barrel is a loud process, but it is by far one of the most economical ways to deburr your parts. Using a tumbling barrel means that the people utilizing these machines can fill the drums and let them run their course while going to work on other projects. So if you have been looking for a way to deburr your products while increasing productivity and output efficiency, give a tumbling barrel a try!