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Evolution of Playgrounds and the Role of Tube Forming

When I was in elementary school I experienced the transitional period between traditional and modern playground structures. I remember playing on wooden and metal structures with a few slides and some monkey bars. However, both elementary schools I went to were in the process of doing away with the wooden structures in place of newer, plastic ones. I remember being upset that my school was taking away the bee infested wooden structure. I’m not sure why, the newer models have a lot more to offer.

Currently play structures are made out of plastic, which prevents more injuries and is easier to install. If I remember correctly the structures had plastic walls, roofs and slides. Large metal tubes held up each structure that were color coordinated for aesthetic appeal. These large tubes look like giant trombone slides. It must have taken massive tube forming machines to bend these tubes. The walkways of the structures were metal with a plastic coating around them.

I used to play a game similar to lava tag on these structures when I was younger. My friends and I would parkour around the structure avoiding the ground at all costs. I’m amazed we only got injured on a few occasions. Playing tag on the confines of a play structure can be pretty dangerous; especially if we are trying to clear gaps and jump to safety. We were like little Ezio Auditores. We called this game…“The Game.” Kids are just bastions of creativity when it comes to naming things.

I eventually made it to high school, but never lost my fondness for playgrounds. Somewhere around my junior year my friends and I started playing Blind Fold Tag. This form of tag was similar to “The Game” but as the name suggests, the person who is “it” is blind folded. This may sound dangerous but it’s actually a very slow paced game. The person who is “it” slowly moves around the structure using their other sense to find the other players hiding spot. If anyone touches the ground they are “it.” With playgrounds evolving as they are, I’m curious to find out what games my children when be playing on them.