The Exciting World of Aerospace Tube Fabrication

Tube Forming

Tube fabrication is the process of forming tubes into various shapes and sizes for different uses in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. A huge variety of products require tubing, including duct work, gas and liquid transportation, and many other products. Tube fabricating companies often focus their products in one specific industry. This allows the company to provide a high level of quality and insight into the specific needs of the customer and their industry.

One of the most exciting industries in tube fabrication is the aerospace industry. Spacecraft, airplanes, and other large flying vehicles require a huge amount of tubing and duct work to operate properly. Without properly formed tubes, many of the aerospace systems in use today could not exist.

Tubing companies that focus on aerospace uses provide a variety of services to clients. Factories may offer services such as:

  • The fabrication of heat exchangers and manifolds
  • Air ducts and bleed air ducts
  • Specialized tubing for rockets and satellites
  • Environmental control system ducts and tubing
  • Gas generation systems
  • Oxygen generation
  • Thermal management systems
  • And much more

Depending on the use of the aircraft, an aerospace tubing company may provide tubing made from a variety of materials from metal, to plastic, to collapsible and flexible tubes in a variety of diameters. Many of the tubes used in aerospace equipment require a large amount of fabrication because they must function well in a small environment. This often requires a huge amount of bending and manipulating according to specific technical data that will provide results that perform well in extreme conditions, such as low-gravity, zero-gravity, extreme cold, extreme heat, or extreme pressure. In addition to the tubes themselves, a aerospace tubing company may also offer connectors and other fittings for a variety of aerospace applications.

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