Bending to Fit

Tube Fabrication

Have you ever seen a group of builders constructing a house? Then thought to yourself how are they going to finish all of the construction with only straight tubes/pipes for the plumbing? If you have that is a good question becausefavicon that would be impossible. Tube fabricating is a common element in the customization of plumbing for houses and buildings. There are a couple methods of tube fabrication used in building. With tube fabrication a tube is able to be bent, or shaped into the desired shape needed for construction.

Depending on the thickness of the tubes or pipes and accuracy needed, one of three bending techniques may be used. Those three are bending by hand (manual), semi-automated and automated bending. The semi-automated and fully automated bending is done with the assistance of a machine and is more accurate than manual bending. Some tube fabricating equipment is portable and used on site, such as construction sites. In plumbing a mandrel bender is often used for accuracy and to decrease wrinkles in the pipe that can be created by manual bending. In this example of construction pipe bending, the bends are usually simple and only one or possibly two bends per pipe will be made.

In other instances such as motorcycle handle bars where a tube needs to be bent in several places in a small distance and be perfectly symmetrical a fully automated machine is more likely to handle the job. Highly skilled engineers operating CNC machines would typically be in charge of a task similar to a precise bend like this. Another instance where tube fabrication is common is on the exhaust pipes for cars. Because cars are mass produced fully automated machines bend the pipes with efficiency and accuracy to create the end product. Have you ever been involved in a project that needed tube fabrication?