Tools for Cutting Micro Tubes

Tube Cutting

Tube cutting is a necessary part of many industrial processes. Many companies specialize in cutting tubes of just one type of metal, such as stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, or iron tubes. Other companies provide tubes manufactured in a variety of different metals and plastics. Most tubes are larger than ¼ inch in diameter, but many manufacturing companies also require tubes that are much smaller than that for various uses in machines, tools, and products.

For smaller tubes, a precise, specialized type of tube cutting machine is required. One of the best ways to cut small tubes is with the use of a precision laser cutter. These micro cutters are small machines that are capable of cutting small tubes with diameters as small as 0.01 inch. When cut with a normal cutting system, such small metal pieces bend and break easily. With the specialized laser cutting systems, the machine can quickly and easily cut the tubes cleanly without leaving jagged edges or compressing the tube.

The new machines are highly precise and can cut at high speeds, enabling large batches of small diameter tubes. Companies that manufacture a wide variety of tubes will appreciate the versatility and expansion that using the new laser cutting systems will provide to their factories.

Generally, the laser cutters are designed to cut a specific material. Machines that are designed to cut stainless steel and other metals may be too harsh to cut plastic tubes or other weaker materials. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines to avoid damaging the machine or materials used inside the machine.

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