Tube Fabrication: Camping Canopies and Graduation Parties

Tube Bending

Tube fabrication is used to make parts for many industrial and commercial goods. Tubes and pipes can be bent, cut and shaped in a variety of ways with a handful of different techniques. Tubes can be bent at common angles between 1 to 90 degrees or faviconmore complex angles such as 180 degree bends or U-bends. Some of the products that require common bends include bridges, building facades and canopies.

During Boy Scout camping trips we would put up our massive canopy to cover our dining area. It was a simple design involving tubes of varies lengths. We all had to work together to erect the canopy. First the roof frame would have to be constructed. It was an easy process because we used colored tape to determine which poles went into the corresponding connector slots.

Once the frame was built everyone would gather a number of twisty ropes and attach the large yellow tarp to the frame. Once this was finished we would take up stations around the edge of the frame and assign all the foundation poles to varies campers and dads. We would lift up the frame and everyone would stick their poles in the connectors. A couple taller campers or dads would run underneath to put up the support beams in the middle of the tarp.

The kind of canopy we used during Boy Scout camp outs is probably more commonly seen at high school graduation parties. Although I’m sure those canopies were a lot cleaner. I remember my canopies came in handing during my graduation party. It was a rainy day so everyone was stuck inside. Luckily we had a couple canopies to set up on our porch so people could still go outside to grab beverages and clear up some space inside the house.