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From their humble beginning as few Swedish engineers to the highly successful AGV company it is today, Transbotics, a division of Scott Systems International, continues as a leader in Automatic Guided Vehicles and Carts. We specialize in the design, installation, and support of AGVs and AGCs including standard, modular and custom engineered vehicles made from reliable, proven material handling solutions for production and warehouse equipment.

Our automatic guided vehicles, automated guided carts, automated conveyors, and warehouse management software is used in a variety of industries. These industries include aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, government, manufacturing, paper & printing industry, pharmaceutical/chemical, plastic & PET bottling, primary metals, and tire & rubber. We are trusted by hundreds of companies nationwide to streamline their manufacturing and warehouse operations. Our company will meet and exceed your expectations, increasing efficiency while decreasing overhead, and providing automated solutions to meet your specific needs. Any application, Transbotics has the solution.Transbotics, and through our parent company, offers our clients a complete line of AGV and AGC design as well as simulations, engineering studies, conveyor systems, robotics, palletizers, depalletizers, shrink wrap machines, integration software, training and complete aftermarket support. We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, making our location advantageous for visiting and potentially future clients. If you’d like to increase safety, cut operating costs, and increase your margins give us all call today. And feel free to visit our website for any other questions you may have on our products.