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Preventing Dementia with Pressure Transducers?

Pressure transducer suppliers create a wide variety of pressure sensors and transducers for a wide range of applications. Pressure sensors are necessary in many applications for monitoring industrial processes to guiding traffic lights, and even controlling the opening and closing of doors. With all the uses for pressure sensors out there, it is not surprisingfavicon that a new use for the products come out everyday.

In fact, even the medical industry uses pressure sensors to help monitor the signs of dementia in certain high-risk patients. Pressure transducer suppliers have come up with a tiny sensor that fits inside a person’s brain. One of the main causes for dementia in humans is too high blood pressure in the brain. This causes some of the brain’s functions to stop, leading to memory loss. The pressure sensor is placed inside the brain to monitor the amount of blood pressure near the brain. When the blood pressure rises beyond safe levels, the tiny sensor gives off a signal that a doctor can read through radio waves. The doctor can then take the appropriate action to lower the blood pressure, potentially saving the patient’s life and preventing dementia in some cases. The scientists responsible for creating this new device conducted their research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering. The scientists took their inspiration from automotive sensors that measure minute changes in pressure ratings inside the vehicle to optimize vehicle performance. The automotive inspiration combined with waterproof materials, including silicone, have made this new device a real possibility for the future of medicine that could save hundreds of lives each year. This combination of industries and technology shows how innovative thinking and taking inspiration from a variety of sources can create products that benefit the world at large.

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