New Models: Magnetic Couplings

Torque Limiters

Shaft couplings can be useful industries ranging from aerospace to power transmissions. Countless items are able to take advantage of these products and for that reason numerous models and varieties are available. From torque limiters to jaw couplings to motor couplings, the perfect models can be found for the applications needed. New faviconmodels are also coming out that can provide their own unique advantages. One model that is gaining popularity is the magnetic shaft coupling. Like traditional couplings, they are able to provide a barrier and perfect seal. But they also offer several advantages and disadvantages. Magnetic couplings are able to last much longer because of the fact they do not have to have tough contact that would wear them down. They are also able to work as a slip clutch. Slipping easily into the position in which it will be needed without wearing the coupling or object down.

Despite these advantages, the disadvantages it also supplies make it the wrong choice for some applications. The magnetic versions have very light toque. This makes the product useful in situations where light torque is needed, as well as with gradual starts and low rotational inertia applications. Compared to other light torque couplings, this model is much larger in size. Axial loads and proportion to misalignment are also slight disadvantages in these products. While the product may not be perfect yet, it is a step in the right direction for magnetic coupling. In the near future, we can expect to see even more applied and improved models of the same variety. The characteristics needed by a shaft coupler will depend on the application in which they serve, so talking close with a supplier is always a good choice to make sure you receive the exact product required.