Finding and Using Clean Energy

Torque Limiters

Conservation and recycling have been on a lot of citizens minds as of late. And these topics really should be. With global warming constantly hovering over us, small steps in faviconthe right direction is the only solution that can be offered. New, cleaner ways of living are being introduced and perfected constantly to help reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the planet. For example, first we started moving to hybrid cars, now full electric cars are becoming a possibility. While they still have a way to go, they are making very good progress. Another way to use clean energy that is continuously gaining popularity is wind turbines.

With so many initiatives going on constantly, new technology is being perfected every day. Recently a new system involving a torque limiter has been in the works that will be able to provide maintenance free power for hopefully the entire life of the wind turbine. Torque limiters and shaft couplings are vital parts of the wind turbines motion process. Which means the torque limiter is joining the ranks of going green! Torque limiters are used to protect equipment from damage by mechanical overload. This is important for products like wind turbines that operate from high in the air and would be a fairly costly fix if something went wrong. They are able to make the overall process more efficient and reduce costs through reducing production time and labor costs as well. But perhaps the way they are the most useful is through their ability to limit damage from any jams or crash stops by slipping or causing the motor coupling to disconnect the load.

Wind turbines are finding ways to become even more efficient and are addressing any problems that they have found. Maintenance with these products can be incredibly difficult, but overall the products are positive for the environment. In taking small steps, such as using clean wind energy to power our daily lives, we can easily begin to reduce our carbon footprint.