Laser Precision: Steel for Use with Laser Cutters

Tool Steel

Not all steel is created equal. In reality, there are thousands of varieties of steel with different properties and materials. Steel alloys are some of the most widelyfavicon varying metal products in the world, simply because the combination of metals is endless.

With the recent invention and use of laser cutters in many metalworking factories and facilities, the need for new forms of steel is more important than ever. A steel service center must be able to provide a factory with the precisely perfect blend of metals for their needs. If they cannot, the factory will be unable to make their product and production must shut down.

One problem that often arises with laser metal cutters is that the laser is too hot for many standard steel mixes. If the internal stress from inside the steel is not removed during processing, using a laser cutter to cut through the metal will often cause the metal to warp and buckle. When this happens, the metal piece is completely ruined for its intended use. This is a costly mistake that most factories cannot afford to make more than once. While steel is more economical than some metals, it is still too expensive to waste on a regular basis.

Luckily, steel service centers have come up with a solution to this problem. During the steel fabrication process, a steel service center can process the metal on a special level line specifically designed to remove the internal stress from the metal. Without the internal stress inside the steel, the metal can be cut perfectly by laser cutting tools. When purchasing metal to be processed by lasers, it is extremely important to only use metals that have been specifically formulated for laser cutters. This will prevent any issues from occurring and produce beautiful results every time.