Instant Adhesives with Variety and Reliability


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The unwavering reliability of Toagosei America Inc. has been providing customers with high-quality cyanoacrylate adhesives since our founding in 1963. The success and growth of our business, beginning in Japan and led to the opening of the ISO 9001 registered American factory in West Jefferson, Ohio. From here, we serve industrial customers across North and South America, as well as Europe.

Our most diverse instant adhesive, Aron Alpha® Industrial Krazy Glue, is offered in varying cure speeds, viscosities, as well as gap-filling and substrate capabilities. Our highly-effective adhesives go beyond cyanoacrylate bonding to include adhesives suitable for any sealing, bonding, or coating needs.We offer Arontite Anaerobic adhesive for thread locking, sealing, and gasketing needs, as well as Arontite light curing adhesives, available in both ultraviolet (UV) and visible light (VL) for bonding, coating, and sealing. Also readily available is a wide range of hot melt adhesive for a variety of substrates.In addition to adhesives, we carry a full array of preparation products to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of any adhesive usage. We offer nozzles, precision tips, pens, and sprayers to ensure the most effective application of any choice adhesive. From development to production, Toagosei America Inc. is your source for industrial adhesives. Please contact a representative by phone or online for further information.