Take Advantage of Fast Titanium Mill Times

Titanium is a tricky metal that is both expensive and highly useful for many different industries. Titanium bars are manufactured into products all over the world, creating circuit boards, electronic components, tools, jewelry, and airplane panels. The aerospace industry is one of the industries that uses the highest amount of titanium. This is due to the lightweight, yet strong, nature of the metal.

Titanium bars are used to create many different parts of airplanes, spaceships, and rockets, including plane bodies, engine parts, screws and fasteners, and much more. Part of what makes make airplanes so expensive is the high amount of titanium used in the plane.

As of September, 2012, the titanium industry is facing a minor slump. Currently, the titanium market is flat, with fewer orders arriving for titanium than in months and years past. Although this is bad for the titanium manufacturers, it actually has some fringe benefits for industries that use titanium in their products.

In the past, the lead time for titanium alloy orders was about 12 to 14 weeks. Right now, the mill time for orders is only about 8 weeks. Past sheet metal mill times ranged between 14 and 16 weeks, while currently the mill time is between 8 and 10 weeks. This means that it is possible to get titanium faster than ever, which can potentially boost the production and profits of titanium-related aerospace products. This allows aerospace manufacturers to create products faster and fulfill their orders much sooner than they could in the past. This will boost customer relations and help establish relationships with profitable customers. To get ahead of the game, titanium users can order extra titanium materials while the mill times are shorter to stock up on the metal while the mill times are short and the metal is plentiful.