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Tire Shredders

The car that I am currently driving is about twelve years old and I have been the owner of it for about eight years. As the car has gotten older is has needed some repairs and replacement parts that come natural with any aging car. Recently I had to purchase some new tires for it as mine were getting so old that they were becoming unsafe to drive with. Once a tire has seen its best days there is really no reusing or renewing process that can make it usable again. Instead of companies just throwing these tires away in a landfill they are usually brought to a junk yard to be scrapped for metal or other parts. Most junk yards have huge industrial sized shredders so that items like cars, tires, and other large metal items can be shredded down to size so they can be recycled properly. These junk yards can keep the good parts that are still intact from cars to fix other ones that use the same parts in turn reusing those parts on newer cars.

Tire shredders are used every day in junk yards because many times when whole cars come in to be scrapped and salvaged the tires are too worn out to be saved as they have safety standards they must abide by. Tires are large, heavy to move, and a pain to store anywhere because they take up so much space. The tire shredder is a great solution as it completely grinds up the tires into a million pieces making the material more compact and easy to move. The materials created from the tire shredder can then be recycled or disposed of properly. Shredding systems help save materials from being deposited into landfills or other inappropriate places and helps to make our world more environmentally friendly.