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Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC) is a manufacturer of thermocouples and temperature sensors . We are located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania but our products are used by world class companies all over. Our company is staffed by an experienced group of professionals dedicated to providing precision temperature measurement and control devices.

TTEC manufactures a full line of temperature measurement products, including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermowells, transmitters, thermocouple wire , indicators, controllers, and accessories. Our products are relied on in power generation, OEM, chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aircraft & aerospace, cement, food & beverage, pulp & paper, gas transmission, steel, and many other industries. We are committed to constantly improving our products and advancing the technology of temperature measurement for the industries that shape our lives today and our futures tomorrow.

Our pledge to customer service means we take the extra step for our clients. TTEC will use available engineering and design resources to verify our products perform in the most accurate, efficient, and reliable way. An example of our commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen when providing rush boiler tube orders for outages, scheduled or unscheduled, to ensure the parts arrive on time for installation. If high quality products and personalized service interest you, contact Thermocouple Technology today.