The Leading Edge in Modular Ergonomics.

CPU Holder


Since 1978, Pro-Line has been a leading manufacturer of ergonomic workbenches, handling devices and ergonomic accessories. Our industrial workstations are designed to reduce employee fatigue, thus increasing employee productivity. As an industrial workstation manufacturer, Pro-Line offers varying industrial workstations including shipping workstations and packing work stations. Pro-Line manufactures basic industrial workstations with accessory options. Pro-Line strives to integrate the worker, the environment and the job.

We are located in Haverhill, Massachusetts and the products we offer allow for easy rearrangement and movement of modular accessories from one workbench to another as work flow changes. They can even be switched out between various models if you standardize with Pro-Line. We offer a complete line of industrial furniture built specifically with employee health and increased productivity in mind. We carry a comprehensive line of workstations and workbenches perfect for any production area, mailroom, and shipping packaging or receiving departments.

The field of ergonomics is still emerging and so, many of our orders are designed for a customers specific application. Customers can call or fax a freehand sketch to us and we can respond. Pro-Line is committed to giving you the quality and service you deserve. Call us today to get the best and latest designs in ergonomic workstations at a fair price.