The Industrial Quick Search Marketing Advantage

Comprehensive Search Engine Coverage
IQS® thoroughly understands the importance of attracting qualified visitors to our sites because they mean qualified leads for our advertisers. Through expert keyword research plus carefully chosen keyword phrases, we are able to bring in the qualified users that our advertisers seek.

Guaranteed Placement Structure
IQS® maintains a ‘first come, first serve’ placement system when listing companies on our sites. Once an advertiser’s position is secured, the position is guaranteed for the duration of the contract. This means that no other company can out-bid an advertiser’s position.

Better Results With Preferred Placement
When a user is given too many choices, the decision making process becomes difficult through over-saturation. IQS® ensures maximum exposure for your company by limiting our premium listings to sixteen.

Regional Search Promotes Premium Listings
When a user chooses a geographical area within IQS’s regional search, the results give priority to the advertisers by listing them first. This creates maximum exposure and drives users to the premium listings.

Quickly Accessible Phone and Address Format
IQS’s user-friendly format of company name and contact information allows our users to quickly scan and find the relevant information they need to request further details. This format eliminates useless clicks and searches, enabling the user to contact our advertisers in less time.

We Qualify Users Twice™
Users that come to an IQS® site are pre-qualified first through the keyword search, and second, by the rollover preview ad and description. A user that visits a company’s site has gone through these qualifying steps and has chosen that company as a viable resource for further product and service information.

Simple and Quick Request for Quote
Premium Position advertisers obtain the ability to receive industry-specific RFQs from users on IQS. These RFQs provide valuable leads to establishing large and small contracts and have become an effective resource for advertisers.

Informative Rollover Preview Ads
Our rollover preview ads allow the advertiser to graphically promote specific products/services and supplemental information. These ads act as a snapshot of an advertiser’s website providing visual impact to draw users to that company’s website.

Extensive Company Descriptions
IQS® provides each of our advertisers with a fully customizable, 40-word description. The description allows advertisers to promote products and services with specific, industry-related details and targeted marketing content.

Related Site Links Create Wider Presence
Each IQS® site includes links to a number of related products and services within the IQS® network of industry-specific sites. By listing related sites, IQS® allows greater exposure for our advertisers’ products and services.