Monitoring Temperature with WiFi Technology

Temperature Sensors

Temperature probes measure the temperature of a material inside a container. Temperature probes are a vital part of many manufacturing processes where the temperature of a material must maintain a particular temperature for the manufacturing process to work properly. A temperature probe is also used to monitor the temperature of materials in storage, such as the monitoring of dairy temperatures during the production of yogurt.

Many temperature sensors give digital readings right at each unit or container. This is useful for examining the temperature of the item during the daily manufacturing processes. But what if you want to know the temperature of a material when you are away from the container? Until now, there were few options for temperature monitoring from a distance.

With the invention of wireless networks and wireless communication between machines, it became possible to monitor the temperature readings given by a temperature probe from a distance. These sensors use WiFi technology to broadcast their temperature reading to a separate location. A computer can pick up the broadcast signal and identify the information for distance monitoring. With these sensors, it is even possible to monitor the temperature of a container from an entirely different location. Some of these sensors can send out signal alerts through e-mail or text messages for on-the-go monitoring as well.

Factories can benefit from this style of temperature monitoring because these systems eliminate the need for manual temperature readings by employees. One employee can read the temperature of many different containers and machines from one central location in the factory. If something goes wrong with a container, then the factory can send an employee to investigate the issue. This can cut down on the time spent on temperature monitoring, freeing factory workers for other tasks.