The Car You Save May Be Your Own

Temperature Sensors

Not too long ago I had to junk my car. It was rather heartbreaking, as I always get very attached to my vehicles. This is strange, given I don’t know much about car maintenance beyond the stuff that’s easiest to do. But I always name my vehicles. The car I had to sell for scrap was Petunia, and while she lasted she was great. The main reason my car was no longer viable was that it was overheating. This in itself isn’t a reason to get rid of a car, but because the car was old fixing the overheating issue would have cost far more than the car was worth anymore. I didn’t know the car had been overheating because the gauge that tells me the temperature of the engine wasn’t functioning properly, always reading at just below midway between hot and cold instead of at the excessive heat at which it was running.

I think I could have saved myself some worry and extended the life of my car if I’d had access to a car temperature sensor. I suppose it isn’t right to say I didn’t have access to one, but rather, I didn’t really know it was something I could acquire for use in my vehicle. Of course, not knowing that my car’s temperature gauge was broken was a factor. But having a car temperature sensor can do much more for you than your basic hot and cold gauge. With the sensor you can monitor at what heat your engine is running; hot or cold or somewhere in the middle may not be specific enough for your needs, after all. It’s a simple device: you mount it somewhere under your front bumper where you have room, and then you can place a gauge inside your car to keep track of the temperature. I like to think I took good care of Petunia, but I know this would have helped her. Hopefully it can help you.