tecis LP: 90 Years of Innovation and Serving the Global Load Cell Market

Load Cells

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For over 90 years, tecsis LP has been serving load cell industries throughout the world. With our focus on innovation, optimizations, and advancements in technology we have been successful in providing reliable and precise load cells, force sensors, pressure transducers and more. We manufacture all our products in our own state-of-the-art plants that are located globally. Our locations give us a cutting edge advantage for offering flexibility and premium quality.

Our range of long-lasting force sensors and load cells includes, pancake load cells, universal tension load cells, compression load cells, donut and through hole load cells, in-line and rod end load cells and many more. Each product is fine-tuned to your specifications. Our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide standard, modified, or completely custom products to suit your application requirements. We have the resources, expertise, and willingness to create custom-engineered and one-of-a-kind load cells, force sensors, and transducers for whatever demanding application you have.

Through our many years of experience, we have cultivated the ideal approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing of our products. Our products stand out from the rest with features like monitoring forces in both tension and compression with extreme accuracy. Often we serve the test and measurement, military, automotive, petrochem, and industrial markets. When building we are mindful of the resources available and use them efficiently and responsibly. We use recyclable materials wherever possible. We believe that in developing partnerships we can grow to help serve you better.