Innovative Brush Technology with Tanis, Inc.


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Since 1987, Tanis, Inc. has developed and manufactured innovative brushes for a variety of industries. As a company we are committed to technology discovery and developing the latest in production solutions. Among our extensive selection of brushes, we offer brushes ideal for industrial and utility applications as well as custom solutions. We incorporate excellence into everything we do, our ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certification is a testament to our commitment. Our ideals foster a culture of continuous improvement and quality. Tanis, Inc. is quickly becoming the industry leader in brush manufacturing.

Our standard brush offerings include abrasive, twisted, rotary, strip, stapled set, power and utility products such as, artist, scratch, paint, parts cleaning, broom and handles, and scrub brushes. Tanis is also a brush manufacturer specializing in custom-manufactured industrial brushes to meet specialized applications. Cost-effective brushes are engineered and designed for our global customer base for a wide range of industries including aerospace, agriculture, food processing, automotive, metal fabrication, medical, printing, packaging, military and many more.

Drawing on the knowledge from over 30 years of experience, we strive to advance our growth in the marketplace and technology design. Our diligent professionals value dedication, both to our customers and to quality products. We support and encourage our customers to discover new products by offering engineering, prototyping, and testing services. Product bar coding, labeling, packaging, subassembly and electronic ordering are services we offer to help streamline your process. To meet a differing production needs, we offer short or high-volume production quantities.