Taking Mezzanines to a Whole New Level


FCP LogoWith over 30 years of experience, the FCP team specializes in supplying the finest quality products at competitive prices by being an innovator in design, technology, product manufacturing and professional support. We have the reputation of continuously setting the industry standard for Steel Mezzanines, Support Platforms and Metal Buildings. FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ will bring your industrial or commercial work space to a whole new level!

Our steel mezzanines can economically transform your unused and unproductive overhead air space into valuable floor space that works for you. Go ahead – create a second, third or fourth level because our mezzanine systems are fully engineered for superior strength, stability and function. In addition, our easy to install modular mezzanine design easily bolts together to allow for rapid installation, future expansion or even relocation. FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ are designed to comply with all applicable building codes: UBC, CBC and IBC; as well as meeting the rigorous specifications demanded in seismically active zones.

Free-Space Mezzanines™ aren’t just for storage! Our rigid frame design is perfect for metal buildings, conveyor support, equipment platforms, in-plant offices, manufacturing activities, walkways or stair towers. Whatever you may need to support above floor level, FCP can create the right structure. Plus, with our design and use of lightweight, high-tensile materials, we are able to install the new structure over existing equipment or stored items with a minimum of support columns thereby maximizing the usable floor space under the mezzanine.