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BenchPro Here for All of Your Work Bench Needs

BenchPro is a US based production furniture manufacturing company with sales and distribution facilities in California and a manufacturing plant in Baja California. Quality features like our 5,000-pound capacity, our 10-year warranty, our use of name brand materials like Formica and Nevamar, plus the use of wood, steel and tube produced in the USA illustrate how we produce and distribute the finest workbenches available today. We stock nothing, yet produce workbenches and chairs in hundreds of colors and sizes in one to three days.

Setting Up a Metal Work Bench

A metal work bench can be one of two things. It can either be a simple work bench made of metal, or a work bench designed to use with metalworking and shaping. For the most part, metal work benches designed for metal working are also made of metal to prevent hot metal from damaging other equipment or the surface of the bench.

An Excellent Father’s Day Gift

It’s nearly Father’s Day so it’s that time of year when we rush around trying to figure out what kind of present to buy for dad. Dads seem to be notoriously difficult to buy for, hence the overloaded tie rack you’ll see from time to time in a father’s closet. You may even be guilty of adding to his tie rack year after year. Another popular Father’s Day gift is a tool of some sort; dads are often delighted to get a new circular saw or hammer. But before you decide whether it’s going to be the navy blue and yellow tie or the car wash gift certificate, I have an idea for you.

Work Benches: Sturdy for Many Tasks

As opposed to the general term workstation that can refer to either a computer workstation in an office setting or an industrial workstation. A work bench is any variety of sturdy tables where manual work is done. From a jeweler’s work bench to a staircase maker’s, work benches are as various as the tasks themselves. They can be simple flat surfaces of wood or metal with leg supports, or complex configurations with drawers, cabinets, tools and any number of accoutrements needed for the job at hand, including woodworking, metalworking, gardening, lab work, art and sculpture making, electronics assembly and repair, general repair work, and all kinds of fitting and assembling done by machinists, pipefitters, electricians, textile workers, etc.

Workstations to Fit Any Need With IAC Industries

With over seventy years of industrial experience in the workstation manufacturing field it is no wonder why people choose IAC Industries for all of their work bench needs. IAC Industries manufactures all products with in our own facilities. This in turn guarantees that every product that we output goes through extensive and intensive testing to ensure the highest quality product possible. The work benches that IAC manufactures are utilized in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, biomedical, office furniture, research and development as well as a broad host of others.

Basic Features of a Good Work Bench

Industrial work benches are a type of work bench specifically created for industrial settings. These benches are made from heavier materials than home benches, and are made to withstand the rigors of everyday industrial work processes. There are a variety of industrial benches ranging from benches designed for painters to benches designed to create complicated wood pieces. No matter what use you will give your bench, there are some universal considerations that will ensure you receive the best bench for the job every time.