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Tyler Madison: Premier Custom Wire Rope Manufacturers

Tyler Madison has earned its position as a leading custom manufacturer of wire rope assemblies through its commitment to quality and customer service. We always carry an extensive inventory of stock components to meet our customers’ simpler needs. But with an extensive background in wire rope design, we welcome the opportunity to design, engineer, and manufacture wire rope solutions to perfectly match our customers’ more specific applications. Our many industrial OEM and commercial customers have learned to expect the very best with on time deliveries and the highest quality wire rope products.

Carl Stahl Sava Industries: Where the Customer Comes First

Founded in 1972, Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been developing and manufacturing top of the line wire rope assemblies and other products for the wire rope industry. In 1988 Sava Industries was acquired by Carl Stahl GmbH, as a member of the Carl Stahl group we are now part of an international network that spans across 50 companies throughout the world.

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Constructing and Holding Up Great Bridges with Wire Rope Assemblies

Every year, one of my favorite things to do in Tampa Bay, Florida, is to drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Construction began in 1982, and wasn’t finished until 1987. The bridge spans 21,877 feet, or 4.1 miles. The main span of the bridge is supported by massive steel cables. Not only are steel cables used in holding up the bridge, but they were most likely involved in its construction as well. Wire rope assemblies and steel cables are often involved in the construction of bridges. They are able to lift large loads, which is a vital part in arranging the large pieces and raising various parts.

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From Hanging Pictures to Holding Up Bridges

While there are various materials of various strengths and sizes when it comes to wire rope, the options for wire rope fittings are equally diverse. The wide range can include clamps, clips, sleeves, links, hooks, forks, eyes, studs and pins. Once you combine all of these with the designated wire rope itself, the options for wire rope assemblies are nearly endless. These products can be beneficial for motion control as well as mechanical automation applications. They are able to form functions including lifting, pulling and support.

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Wire Rope Assemblies for Zip-Lining to Bridge Construction

Wire rope assemblies can be found in countless complex industries these days. The main reason for this is because can be incredibly useful for such a wide variety of applications. These products are strong, durable and very reliable in intense work environments. Not just your basic construction, manufacturing, marine and other industries, but, as is becoming increasingly popular, those daredevil industries too. For instance some risk takers are finding new applications for these tools including zip-lining over the Amazon, tight-rope walking through falls or cage swimming with sharks… In these situations you will definitely want only the best possible equipment, and for those that choose wire rope assemblies for their equipment needs, this means the rope itself and the fittings that go along with them. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be zooming through the rainforest on sub-par cables….