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Leader in Wire Cloth Industry Since 1911: Newark Wire Cloth Company

As a pacesetter in the wire cloth industry, Newark Wire Cloth Company, strives to provide helpful and timely service, supply the highest quality wire cloth, and produce top quality parts at competitive prices. We aim to be the standard of excellence in wire cloth products, providing a safe and rewarding livelihood for our co-workers. Our products come in many different forms, including, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, medical, environmental, and many others.

Showcase Your Processes with Decorative Accents

Wire mesh has a huge variety of uses in factories and industrial applications all over the world. The mesh is used for insulation, fire retardation, straining construction, filtering, draining, cleaning, and many other processes in factories. One slightly less used application for wire mesh is for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

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The Purpose of Industrial Strainers

When people commonly think of strainers, they most likely think of common household strainers. Household strainers are invaluable tools in the kitchen used for straining water and other liquids, removing lumps, and giving flour and other ingredients a light texture. The industrial world also uses wire strainers for similar uses, but an industrial wire strainer is usually bigger and sturdier than any household strainer. Many industries use strainers in everyday business to sift different sized material or to drain unwanted sludge from a liquid. Most industrial factories use a wire strainer for the following 5 uses:

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Marketing Tips for Wire Mesh Companies

The industrial marketing techniques of today are vastly different from marketing techniques in the past. In the past, manufacturers mainly relied on word-of-mouth and proximity to factories and businesses in the area. Today’s manufacturing marketing is cutthroat and challenging. Each manufacturing plant must establish a unique presence that will help retain current customers and bring new customers into the business.

Wire Mesh and Textile Weaving: Same Process, Different Results

Wire mesh is a pretty useful household material-not only does it help wash foods and drain pasta, it keeps pesky bugs out while allowing a cool summer breeze in. It functions decoratively inside cabinets and protects furniture and people from flying embers in a fireplace. It’s found in all sorts of filtration systems, vents, sifters and screens to keep the air/water flowing and the dust and particles trapped. For a moment, think about a world without any wire mesh. Bugs flying freely indoors and dirt in our water, life would be a lot filthier and less sanitary. Wire mesh is essentially composed of a series of thin, perpendicular wires that are woven or welded together. These two manufacturing processes determine the strength, complexity, and different applications in which wire mesh is used.

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