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Wet Scrubbers Win

Keeping the air clean from pollutants is a top priority for companies. There are several reasons for companies to care about this, such as employee health, cleanliness of equipment and the overall safety of the working environment. There are certainly a number of different ways to limit the pollution in the air, but one way that is popular is by implementing a wet scrubber. Continue reading

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Air Pollution Control Is Warming Up

There has been a recent heat wave across the Midwest, and Michigan was not spared by the sweltering temperatures. The beach has become more crowded than a mall on Christmas Eve, and people that are not lucky enough to live in air conditioning are migrating to cooler temperatures. While I was doing my daily check of the weather for the coming week in order to plan my outfits (dorky, I know) I was almost blown away by the temperatures I saw on the computer screen. Temperatures were expected to hit over 100 degrees! Summers are always hot and muggy in Michigan, but it has been a while since it hit over 100 degrees in June from what I can remember. Continue reading

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Improvements in Mongolia

Previously, it was mentioned in an article that Mongolia was the most polluted country in the world. In the article, several ways for them to get their air pollution levels down to a healthy number were suggested and a follow up article was promised. Just like I have always been taught, I always keep my promises. Continue reading

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NOx Scrubbing Technology Breakthrough

There are six forms of nitrogen oxide (NOx); the drawings to the right show the two most problematic forms. These two are of particular interest because they are identified as atmospheric pollutants (greenhouse gases) and subject to regulatory control by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many other organizations. Continue reading

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How Wet Scrubbers Work

A wet scrubber is a type of device that is capable of removing pollutants from a furnace flue gas line or other gas stream. Wet scrubbers work by spraying a gas stream with a cleaning liquid, which forces the gas through a liquid pool. In the process, this helps remove the pollutants from the gas line. Continue reading

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