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Bushings, Inc. Manufactures High-Quality Vibration Absorbers in Michigan

Bushings, Inc. offers a full line of machine mounts, industrial bushings, and other vibration control products. We have 75 years of experience manufacturing high-quality products. Furthermore, our 15,000-square foot ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility allows us to handle orders from a one-off item to batch orders. Whether you are looking to design a new product, solve a specific problem, or reduce noise and vibration, we will be there to assist you at every step of the process.

The Advantage of Urethane Bushings

Bushings are mechanical fixings and vibration absorbers that provide a connector between two parts of a system. Often located between two moving parts, these fixtures are used in the process of kinetic energy and vibration control. They do more than minimize vibration; bushings can reduce noise and shock created by industrial machinery. Most often found in automobiles bushings can be found in a number of applications including the wheel systems on skateboards.

Air Springs for Low-Riders

When I think of suspension systems I picture thick metal springs that compensate for my rough driving; that or the suspension on my mountain bike that creates for a smooth ride. However, not all suspension springs are solid metal. Air springs, often referred to as air bags, can take the place of steel springs in vehicle suspension systems. The pneumatic spring is an inflatable balloon-like device. I liken it to a rubber propane tank in appearance. Although if propane tanks were used to support cars I imagine the results would be disastrous.

How Do Passive Vibration Absorbers Work?

A vibration absorber works to absorb the vibrations output by a machine. These absorbers are important for keeping a machine from vibrating itself apart or moving due to excessive vibrating forces. Excessive vibrations can also cause a machine’s parts to break down faster, because they are constantly shaken at a high speed. Because of these problems with many machines, vibration absorbers are extremely necessary pieces in many industrial and automotive equipment. Vibration absorber manufacturers create a variety of absorbers, but one of the most simple and common forms of absorber is the passive absorber.

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The Impact of Vibrations Absorbers is…Less Impact!

When Rafael Nadal won the French Open in early June, he reclaimed his spot as the number one men’s singles player in the world. Like many other professional tennis players, Nadal played with a small rubber vibration absorber on his strings to minimize vibrations when the racket and ball made contact. Some believe these accessories lessen the risk of developing tennis elbow while others count on them as their good luck charm. In reality, the only difference is the perceived reduction of string vibration and sound. Vibration absorbers are used far beyond tennis courts, however, and they play an important role in protecting machinery and equipment from noisy and damaging vibrations.