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Profile Plastics Creates Specialty Plastic Parts from Custom Designed Facility

Profile Plastics, Inc. is an accomplished manufacturer of parts made through vacuum forming. We specialize in custom molded and highly engineered plastic parts. Over 50 years of experience has helped us become an industry leader. Also, our nearly 100 employees are dedicated to providing unsurpassed products every day. Our parts are used in many industries and can meet the design requirements of any application. From the tight tolerances of medical devices, the stress resistance of automotive parts, or the heat protection of industrial products, Profile Plastics has the experience to engineer specialty parts for your purpose.

The Food Industry and Vacuum Packaging

When walking down an aisle at the grocery store, we are all bombarded with the results of vacuum packaging, although we don’t notice it because we aren’t aware that that is what it is called. Or to be more specific, we don’t care. We care about the food inside not how the packaging that keeps it fresh and edible for us is done. However, this vacuum forming process that we take for granted is actually a fascinating process that is utilized in many more contexts then just the packaging of food. Although the food industry’s vacuum packaging needs alone will keep vacuum packaging facilities in business for many years to come.