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Optimum Filtration with Latta Equipment Company

Since 1995, Latta Equipment has provided reliable vacuums designed for the manufacturing and industrial workplace. We bring the leading advantage with Ruwac portable and central vacuum systems. Our professionals focus on listening to each customer individually in order to advise which vacuum system is best to fulfill their specific requirements. Along with vacuums we also offer surface preparation equipment for restoration of concrete, marble/stone and wood and a large variety of material handling equipment.

Vacuum Ingenuity

In our modern, busy world, the vacuum cleaner is one of our most prized possessions. Even if we live in a home with hardwood floors, many of us will have at least some kind of vacuum to help clean up little dust bunnies. But with carpeted homes, a vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for keeping our homes clean and sometimes even allergen-free. Vacuum manufacturers understand the importance of a clean home or work space, so they are constantly revolutionizing these invaluable home tools in order to better serve us.

Pros and Cons of a Hovering Vacuum Cleaner

I always enjoy watching older movies that depict the 2000s as a “futurist” time riddled with spaceships, aliens, and robot cleaners. Perhaps all those concepts are not so far fetched. I’ve heard of robot vacuum cleaners that can vacuum a carpet on their own, but I didn’t know there was vacuum that hovers above the ground made in 2004. The Airider hovers 1/8th of an inch over the floor, making it really easy to push. It sounds pretty entertaining to vacuum floors with this futuristic vacuum. Carpet and floor care has come a long way from hanging up carpets on a line and beating the dust out of it.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners AND Conveyors

Many businesses reap the benefits of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners that increase efficiency in their housekeeping routines. And, since many companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors have much dust, and even dangerous, toxic and spark-igniting dust, explosion proof vacuum cleaners are employed that meet the OSHA Combustible Dust Standard.

Are Brand Name Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Worth it?

I’ve always wondered about those Dyson vacuum cleaners that are so popular in commercials. However, since they seemed outside my price range, I never took the time to really investigate the features and benefits. But, now feels like a good time to take a look at and see what all the hype is about, and find out why a Dyson vacuum cleaner is different. I really hope there’s narration by that British guy…

Finding Distributors of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Online

I know how confusing and frustrating it can be to try to find a good industrial vacuum cleaner distributor. There are plenty out there; the tough part is wading through the many search results to find the closest, most reliable one with the particular unit you need for your application. Searching Google for “Industrial Vacuum Cleaners” will bring up residential, commercial and industrial products, but you should be able to quickly narrow down your options by paying attention to keyword phrases that will lead you to more specialized websites and search engines for industrial products and services. So, let’s go to Google and see what pops up.

Vacuum Cleaners: Central to Cleanliness

I always hated vacuuming as a child. In my house, we rotated the basic chores between my brother and I, and I always dreaded the week when it was my turn to vacuum the whole house. It really wasn’t the act of vacuuming that upset me so much, I actually enjoy vacuuming now that I have my own apartment and space to keep clean. The thing that I couldn’t stand about the vacuum chore was how loud our vacuum was. I know that some people have noisy vacuums, but ours was on a different level. You couldn’t comfortably watch TV or listen to the radio anywhere in the house if someone was vacuuming. The reason for this was not an outdated Hoover or a vacuum filter that was getting clogged, the reason that our vacuum as so loud was because my dad had installed a central vacuum system in our house.