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Unicast, Inc: Economical and Efficient Urethane Casting Services

Unicast is a family owned and operated manufacturing company specializing in urethane casting. For 30 years we have offered a complete selection of machining and polyurethane casting services. As a family owned company, we have made it our mission to incorporate family values into our operation. We consistently focus on providing customers with respectful, friendly service and are dedicated to efficiently and economically manufacturing high quality products.

An Overview of Cast Polyurethane

Do you know the benefits of cast polyurethane? Cast polyurethane is a versatile material that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions. The plastic is stable in water, and is easy to process and inexpensive to produce. Urethane can be as hard as a golf ball or softer than natural rubber.

When Supply Is In Demand: Cast Urethane

There are times when a company needs to produce a model for a product they manufacturer, or a model of building they would like to construct, or even a mock-up of a new invention or advancement in design they have come up with. There are all kinds of ways to accomplish this kind of creation. Some will use wood, some metal, others plastic or even rubber. But there are ways in which companies can create prototypes or models without resorting to some of the more complicated and/or expensive ways to create pieces of equipment that are not meant for extensive use.

The Protection of Urethane Bumpers

Protection comes in many forms depending on the context. For a celebrity, the best protection comes from a human-being security guard who has serious training, strength and maybe a gun. Home protection is in the form of small mechanical systems with sensors surrounding the perimeter, which when activated alert the police that someone is on your property uninvited. For moving vehicles, protection served in the shape of a urethane bumper. Bumpers absorb the impact of an accident, protecting the person inside the vehicle as well as the rest of the vehicle from more intense damage. Urethane bumpers are also utilized in machining contexts to protect internal mechanisms from external jolts. Additional industries served include construction and electronics.

Urethane Casting: The Best of the Three

There are three major materials utilized for the mass production of many products these days, excluding the clothing market that has its own major materials to contend with. The big three are metal, plastic and rubber. Each category has its own plethora of individual stars, such as the ever popular aluminum and stainless steel in the metal category while PVC is a plastic that steals the spotlight again and again. There is one style of rubber though that is able to take on any special combination from rubber plastic or metallic families; polyurethane. This material is the best of the best, not only because polyurethane casting can create just about any object but because the physical characteristics are excellent.

Some Helpful Methods for Urethane Casting

When companies are searching for a material with strength, versatility, long service life, high impact resistance, elastic memory, noise reduction or heat and chemical resistance, often they turn to urethane. Urethane castings are able to provide all of these qualities and more such as high abrasion, cut, tear, oil, ozone and radiation resistance. The material is lightweight, can be easily molded, is non-conductive and non-sparking, provides good load bearing, has a broad hardness range and can even be colored. These characteristics make it an important part of industries ranging from construction to athletic equipment. When it comes to preparing for a urethane casting project, there are several simple steps that can be taken to help the process run smoothly and efficiently.