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Tire Shredders

The car that I am currently driving is about twelve years old and I have been the owner of it for about eight years. As the car has gotten older is has needed some repairs and replacement parts that come natural with any aging car. Recently I had to purchase some new tires for it as mine were getting so old that they were becoming unsafe to drive with. Once a tire has seen its best days there is really no reusing or renewing process that can make it usable again. Instead of companies just throwing these tires away in a landfill they are usually brought to a junk yard to be scrapped for metal or other parts. Most junk yards have huge industrial sized shredders so that items like cars, tires, and other large metal items can be shredded down to size so they can be recycled properly. These junk yards can keep the good parts that are still intact from cars to fix other ones that use the same parts in turn reusing those parts on newer cars. Continue reading

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The First Step For Recycling

In my opinion, it is always the right time to talk about recycling. It is a trend that many are picking up, and those that have not yet really should. The planet is a fragile place, and without doing our part to help preserve it, it might not last as long as we would hope. Deforestation, coral bleaching, pollution… these hazards are quickly becoming too common and are beginning to take over. If we do not act now, there might not be a way to go back. It is time to start thinking like the Lorax, as cheesy as that sounds, and start to make recycling a major priority. Continue reading

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Stacks of Tires

While there is various options for mass transportation available, taking your own car is typically easier. It lets you leave when you want to, arriving when you want and allows you to have a more peaceful ride (except for rush hour traffic times). Sadly, cars do not last forever, and most will go through several in their lifetime. What tends go out first in most cars however are the tires. These need to be replaced every few years to make sure that you have the best traction possible for a safer ride. So what happens to all of these old tires? If we are lucky, they are shredded and recycled, but this is not always the case. Continue reading

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Tire Shredding and the Possibilities It Provides

Cars are a necessary part of life in the time period in which we live. Nearly every home today has at least one car. In fact, the average home is believed to have around 2.8 cars. When these cars break down or the tires simply wear out and need replacing, we end up with a lot of extra tires. If all of these used tires were simply tossed into a landfill, space would be taken up very quickly because of their bulky shape. Not to mention the fact that the empty space would allow mosquitoes, vermin and methane gas to thrive, which can be devastating to the environment. For the environmentalists of the world, this simply will not do. A better solution is to recycle the tires, finding new useful applications to stop creating so much waste. The first step for this process is shredding. Continue reading

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