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Fuel Sensors Explained

A fuel level sensor is a level switch that helps identify the remaining amount of fuel in a container. Most vehicles use fuel level sensors to determine the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle. This is an important sensor that helps many people know when to fill up their vehicles to avoid disaster along the road. Some level switches manufacturers focus exclusively on fuel sensors, but others make a variety of switches, including fuel sensors. A fuel sensor is a fascinating piece of equipment that uses a few basic principles to work properly.

Industrial Uses for a Tank Level Indicator

A tank level indicator or level switch is a kind of sensor that identifies the level of a material inside a container or other object, such as to determine the depth of molten metal inside a mold. These sensors are necessary in many industrial applications to help identify the amount of material the factory has on hand and to help guide the correct amount of liquid through an industrial process. Three main types of level switches, thermal, optical, and vibrating, use different methods to achieve similar results. You can find level switches used in a variety of industries, including: