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Aethon’s Autonomous Robots Work Hard 24 Hours a Day

Aethon manufactures autonomous mobile delivery robots for use in hospitals and manufacturing environments. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA and all of our robots are made in the USA. Founded in 2004, we have quickly become a leader in the AGV industry. In fact, our solutions are in use at some of the most prestigious medical centers in the world. Our name, Aethon, comes from a horse in ancient Greek mythology that pulled the sun across the sky each day. Similarly, our products work hard 24 hours a day so companies can focus on other matters.

Human Labor or Complete Automation?

As companies constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition in this capitalist economy, companies have been automatizing their production process to increase overall efficiency. There are many advantages to switching over to machines but it doesn’t come without a few costs. Some people worry about job loss, but as with any new innovation or machine, less workers are needed for increased production. One of the ways companies are automatizing is by using self guided vehicles.

Self Guided Vehicles

What if you could have a whole army of vehicles that could autonomously work for your company? Actually, it is possible, and has been for some time. The first self guided vehicle was created in 1953. Since then self guided vehicles also called automated guided vehicles can do assigned jobs for your company autonomously. The modern generations of these machines have advanced drastically in efficiency and intelligence. Typically, each vehicle is designed for one specific task, some more intricate than others. One common design is a forked vehicle. They are able to do all of the same tasks as a standard driven forklift with little or no help from a driver.