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Grommets and their Many Uses

With summer here, it can be hard from time to time to keep my mind completely focused in the office. It is so easy to slip to planning out every weekend in the sun, especially when those sunny weekends are on a boat or sitting out on the beach… So naturally, even rubber grommets can easily take me over to its possible uses in my summer activities. While many might not realize it, we encounter grommets in their various forms everyday. Used to help reinforce holes in fabrics or other materials, they can be made out of plastic, rubber or metal. You can see them surrounding the laces in your tennis shoes before a morning run, the hole in the tarp to cover the boat or in the fabric around the patio chairs.

Rubber Bumpers and Bumper Boats

Growing up, I always wanted to try bumper cars or bumper boats. When I was finally given the chance I hated it. It was awful, jerky and not an ounce of fun for me and I have felt no need to try it again ever since. Some people absolutely love it, but for me, it is just not my thing. I prefer to use bumpers for the way they were intended, collision protection and absorption, not intentional ramming. Bumpers are known most commonly for their use on cars. Collisions happen often and these products are able to minimize the risks associated with them. In these situations a combination of metal and plastic bumpers are used. Large freight trucks often use rubber bumpers at the end of the trailer to prevent damage to the trailer as well as the loading docks. In addition, rubber bumpers can be found all over in the marine industry.

Profiles from Social Networks to Rubber

When I hear the term “profile”, typically I think of it in the computer context. In the incredibly popular Facebook, each user has a profile page. It is a way for them to put up a picture and information about themselves. This could include where they go to school, their interests, relationship status and birthday. Basically, in the social networking world, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else, the profile is a personalized outline of the individual user (whether or not it is accurate is another subject). However, profile can have a wide variety of other meanings as well, one of them refers to the rubber extrusion industry.

Rubber Extrusions – Worth Your Attention

In 1999, the United States International Trade Commission undertook an investigation into whether or not extruded rubber thread (ERT) imports from Indonesia were causing material injury to an American industry. The Department of Commerce had determined that the threads were being sold in the U.S. at “less than fair value,” which, the committee determined, made it too difficult for American manufacturers of the same products to compete. The Commission decided that Indonesia was indeed “dumping” its extruded rubber thread on the American market. In response, the ITC instructed the DOC to instruct the Customs Service to impose duties on extruded rubber thread imported from Indonesia, effectively raising the price of the product for American buyers and making American-made products less unattractive in the process.