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SAF-T-FLO Industries: Couplers for Demanding Applications

SAF-T-FLO Industries is an industry leading manufacturer of quick disconnect couplers. We primarily serve the military industry, but our products can be utilized in any application with demanding coupling requirements. These products are put to the test daily in commercial and military aircraft systems, land based vehicles, and ship and hovercraft systems, so they must be held to the highest standards. For this reason our quick disconnect couplings all meet the specifications of AS25427 for 600 psi and 3000 psi applications.

Ello Poppet – A Coupling to Keep Liquids at Bay

When I hear the word “poppet” I instantly reminisce about the scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, were the two goofy pirates are looking for Elizabeth Swan. Other people may think of Pinocchio or the elaborate puppets created by Jim Henson, from Kermit the Frog to the creatures in Labyrinth. As cool as all those things are, the term “puppet or poppet” does not only refer to pet names and manipulated people, places or things. A poppet coupling or valve is actually very crucial to the workings of dry disconnect couplings and many other hydraulic couplings.

Quick Disconnect Couplers Make Air Travel Safer

With the internet, telephone and air travel the world is quickly becoming more globalized. As fast as air travel is, it can still be a lengthy process. You have to pull an Albus Dumbledore and arrive at the airport two to three hours early. This is to ensure you make it through check-in and the infamous security before your plane leaves without out you.