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Bergen Cable Technology: When Quality Matters

Since 1941, Bergen Cable has been a leader in wire rope and cable products such as push pull cables, lanyard cables, and complex cable systems. We specialize in meeting our customers’ standards and specifications, from the military industry to automotive and everything in between you can count on Bergen Cable. Some of the top OEMs in the country refer to us as their “cable connection.”

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Aero Assemblies, Inc.: Leader in the Wire Rope Industry

Since we opened our doors, we have been at the forefront of the wire rope industry, from custom cables and push pull cables to garage door cables and nylon ropes you can count on Aero Assemblies to provide you with the best possible product. We are proud to be the leading supplier for eyeleting and grommeting assembly services and sales in the Midwest.

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The Right Cable for the Job

When I think of push pull cables, I think of our old push lawn mower and the time my mom tried to do the yard work. Our mower was ancient at this point and something was wrong with the cable. My brothers and sister and I fought for space at the kitchen window to watch the sorry scene. We could see Mom getting more and more frustrated, bending and pulling over and over, trying to start the motor. Without realizing it, she had been backing closer and closer to our electric fence during the struggle. And finally, with one more bend at the waist, she received a shock to her rear end that sent her sprawling onto her stomach. It may have been the best moment of our young lives. Shortly later, my father purchased a brand new riding mower. However, a cheaper solution would have been to buy a new push pull cable. These cables are used in many applications and the following are some tips to ensure you’re getting the right push pull cable parts for the job.

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More Pushing and Pulling

In your spare time do you ever find yourself riding a bicycle? Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise, be outdoors and clear your head. While riding your bike have you ever thought about the mechanics of the bike or worked on it yourself? Before you do your next maintenance session or hop on to ride your bike, take a look at the cables and how they function. I recently bought a used bike to fix up and found I needed to replace the cables because they were too rusty. This caused them to frequently lock up when I would change gears or use the breaks. I found that both sets of cables were similar in nature. Not only are the cables very similar in the way the function, but they are not like your typical “fixed” cable. Each cable described is a push pull cable.

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Push or Pull?

We always here that opposites attract, and in the case of push and pull, they definitely come hand in hand. A push pull wire cable is a very important form of control in the wire rope industry. These products are designed specifically to provide a system with mechanical motion that is both precise and positive transmission. The other option, and counterpart to the push pull cables are the pull pull cables. But while pull pull models are only able to provide single directional control, push pull cables are able to offer multidirectional control, making them more valuable and desirable for many industries and applications.

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Push Pull Cable Manufacturers

Push pull cable assemblies are used to provide the mechanical motion in various systems. The issue with many assemblies is that they are what is referred to as pull pull assemblies, and are only able to go in one direction, while these models offer multidirectional motion. Some applications in which these models are often seen include seat releases in cars, throttle controls or airplane wing flaps. Then of course, we have the dreaded push lawn mowers… Which always somehow manage to give me an unbelievable amount of difficulty… There simply seems no way to please these lawn mowers.

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